Little doodle I wanted to draw for my babu~<33 pre-evolved Charit and Vchu out hunting for Mew’s!


cute cute cute CUTE!!! I love it thank you so much ;U;!!! defintely going as my new ipod wallpaper! <333

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Went outside for a bit to take some pictures before the sudden downpour! Tons of dragonflies out by the pond today. I sat for 20 minutes with my hand stuck out just so one would land on my finger. Worth it!

Also I’ve never seen a spider like that before, it’s really interesting.

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This was literally the most intense fight I have ever had on this game. Selene X gemmed for Sharpness +1. Grongiggas Hammer since the Novagio Demolisher wasn’t cutting it.

You can just eat all that slime Alatreon, your Skyswayer is mine. Now I just need to fight him a bazillion more times for his armor set but I’m getting better!

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Diablos: 51 Slain + 16 Captures

Black Diablos: 25 Slain + 5 Captures

Finally got my first Diablos Hardhorn…. *collapses*

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700 hours on mh3u

200 of them probably spent trying to get a Diablos Hardhorn

5% and 7% chances my ass

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Requiescat en Pace my little assassin fish. You will be dearly missed… 

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I almost got attacked by a pair of robins today because I just so happened to be walking by the nest on the way to the car when the babies decided they wanted to try flying for the first time…I was kinda terrified ;A; There’s no way I could avoid it either since they decided it was a good idea to build a nest literally on the front of our house..

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Charit: The only other pokemon I’ll share Vchu with cause she claimed this Darkrai and I’m ok with that~ anyone else I would eat their face off~

But really the Darkrai is based off a character of mine n V has taken him and no one else can have him~ -w-

Something I wanted to doodle for her.

Vchu: There’s my mister tall, dark, and handsome >3

Uwahhh this is so cute! ;U; thank you so much <33333

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Photo dump this time -u- Lots of birds! I was really excited to be able to take a shot of that Red-bellied Woodpecker since I had my camera on me at the time by complete accident!

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Blu and I have almost got our skybase finished! All that’s left is to finish up the treehouse. >U<

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