Cute, loveable, squishy chu by day

Shadow pokemon hunter by night. 

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I like watching people do solo runs of challenging quests on youtube and always bothers me if in the comments someone patronizes a gunner just for being a gunner. Talking like the kill was easy or they didn’t deserve it??? Just because a gunner isn’t in a monster’s face a majority of the time, doesn’t mean it’s any easier.

Coming from someone who does a little of both, I feel like gunning is just as challenging as being a blademaster. I feel this especially so with  bow-gunning since you only have so much ammo and if you aren’t efficient with your shots then you’ll be stuck in a quest firing Normal S1 and probably won’t even finish it…Not to mention the halved defense means that even a tiny slip up could mean a cart.

Gunners have to be super aware of their positioning, be able to stay at optimum distance for the shot type they’re using,to maximize damage, and have a good sense of what the monster is going to do next so they’ll be able to dodge it in time. That’s a lot to manage in the heat of battle! I’m not saying blademasters have it easier either, there’s just this mentality shift between the two and both play styles are equally demanding. 

I dunno…sorry for the mini-rant. I see a lot people give gunners a hard time and it just bothers me. I get too worked up about Monster Hunter xD

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I need 3 Brachydios Gems… One for his lance and the other 2 to make his vest for a set I’m working on. I’m going to be fighting Brachy all damn day


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\ (^_^) / Hello beautiful person! If you receive this it means you make someone happy! Go on anonymous and send this to 10 followers that make you happy, or you feel need some cheering up. If you get some back even better! :>

Daww thank you ;u; <3

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idk bout Mirrors vs. Faes, but I just bought the most beautiful Guardian lady ;u; Threw Current on her real fast and just…hnnnnn

I can’t get over how her horns look like they’re made of glass. Maybe that’s what I’ll name her ;U;!

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Woah your fox art is amazing :-D

Oh gosh thank you so much ;U;!

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Aaaand one for Deej :D This is the happiest raptor I’ve ever drawn xD

Veloci-deej belongs to latideej

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I wanted a redesign xD

Vulpe is my character C:

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Made one for Wulv as well :D

Auslot belongs to wulv-exo

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Made one of Volk for Brit :D

Volk belongs to bluedemon00

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