Well found out the motherboard is fried on my comp. On the bright side my memory is okay n they’re gonna retrieve it for me some other day. *flops*

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» Update

Hey peeps. I know it’s been a while but I’ve just had a lot on my plate recently and haven’t really had the time. To start, a couple of weeks ago I found out that the cyst on my cat’s side was cancer so she had to have it removed. All’s well now as she made it through the surgery just fine and she’s back to her old self. But I’ve had to keep a constant watch on her cuz no running and jumping, ya know. On top of that I managed to splash boiling hot sauce on my arm one night while fixing dinner and gave myself a nasty second degree burn. But it’s also fine now though still healing.

To make everything just peachy, on top of the fact that I already mostly felt kinda depressed, this morning my computer decided to finally crap out on me. I can’t even get it to boot and my only choice is to see if my bro can get it working. If he can’t, I’ve lost all my art and everything….

So sorry to all my skype buddies but I most likely won’t be around much at all. My iPod is so old I can’t even download the skype app so the only time I’ll be online is when I can use my mother’s computer. I feel so awful… Sorry guys.

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Because I love you so much *casually reminds you about Yoshi's Story and Pikmin* mwhaaha!


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Vladimir would like a K miss Raizzy~



Oh my goooood this is so precious!!! <333

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That yveltal is so cool can i use that design :oo

The design of that Yveltal was come up with by female-mewtwo and I don’t think she would be happy with anyone else using it.

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Commission for female-mewtwo! I had a blast working on this!

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Warm up doodles before I finish work on a commission.

We haven’t had any sugar in the house so it’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a good cup of tea ;u;

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Finished up Cilla~ V asked me to do it in the little style I have going over at Balto’s ask blog, which I didn’t mind I’m having fun with the sketchiness~

Yessssss lookit lookit *U* She’s absolutely gorgeous!! <333

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My belated bday gift to female-mewtwo. <333 I hope you had a great birthday!

I feel so rusty I need to start speedpainting every day again ;n;

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